Tuesday, December 27

simple pleasures

Christmas morning opening presents in front
of the woodburner, carols on the radio
croissants champagne and chocolate for breakfast

 a blissful day spent snugged-up in our own little world
eating, drinking, reading and napping in front of the fire,
with a welcome twilight walk in the countryside
to stretch our lazy bods. . .

simple pleasures and simply perfect
 I hope yours was as lovely

Thursday, December 22

On the Stalk

lots of lovely Farm Shops and Self-Growers locally
so we can buy gorgeous fresh veg-
my favourites at this time of year are brussels on the stalk
(even better since we've had a few sharp frosts)
and crisp leafy sprout top greens shredded and stir-fried.

As far as cooking goes
Ted likes sprouts boiled almost to a mush
(dare I say "just like his mum made")
and I like them lightly cooked with a firm bite
Sooooooo. . .

I've been roasting them!
Another dimension completely, they taste utterly divine!
Olive oil, a few grinds of black pepper. . .

If I can fit them in the Rayburn oven,
I'm going to try roasting them on the stalk
on Christmas Day!

(PS I've also been roasting cauliflower- try it!)

(google images above, not mine)

Sunday, December 18

Poignant reminders of Christmas past. . .

 I'll let the poignancy of these heartfelt mementos of a gentler age, now sadly passed, speak for themselves. . .

Wishing you all everything you wish for yourselves at this happy and reflective time of year xx

Wednesday, December 14


I offered to check a friend's horse this morning as she was making an early start Christmas shopping (my friend, not the horse- although that does conjure up a fascinating image!)

Trudging across the uphill gradient of a very muddy, waterlogged 10 acre field in welly boots that were 2 sizes too big, avoiding molehills that resembled mini-volcanoes as the icy rain sheeted sideways and the horse sensibly refused to leave the shelter of the far hedge, I tried to distract my mind from thoughts of revenge and concentrated instead on the searing pain in my calves, and how hard my bum muscles were working to stabilise my floundering gait.

Eureka! I've discovered the rural equivalent of Fit Flops!

Saturday, December 10

it came. . .and it went!

thankyou for your sweet comments on my last post.

Yes you're all quite right, it was the humdrum of everydayness, the rainy (very) muddy days and November-into-December greyness that just got to me, but I'm pleased to report the crisp frosty landscape this morning with pink-edged sky was exhilarating, and as soon as the ice cleared I took dear Bruce for a wonderful wintery ride blessed by sunshine and birdsong, and told him all the things that were on my mind.

By the time we arrived back home any unwanted thoughts had disappeared into the fresh air (Bruce said if it didn't involve food it wasn't really worth talking about) and I'm back to "normal". . .albeit aided and abetted this evening by a glass of chammy- purely medicinal of course!


Thursday, December 8

boring boring. . .

I feel quite well, quite happy and quite joie-de-vivre-ful.
Life is very good, very busy, very eventful and very stimulating.
But somehow I feel boring.
I have nothing to complain about; counting my blessings I know I'm the luckiest person alive yet when someone asks me what I've been upto, my recounting of what were lovely times spent doing lovely things sounds like a rollcall of day-filling at its most bland.
"Ahhhhh" they say with feigned politeness, heads tipped quizzically. "Ahhhhh, I see" but they don't see, not really.
I don't look boring, well not if you appreciate The Dressing Up Box Meets Refugee Chic mode of dressing, but inside those pink tights and 40s hats there's a coredom of boredom seeping through.
Middle age? Time of year? Lack of dancing on the table (don't think I can even get UP on the table!)
I'm not dissatisfied, I love everything I do and do everything I love, so why do I feel boring?

Saturday, November 26

an economically moisturised face!

A really successful tried-and-tested ££ saving tip-

I've changed my night time moisturiser
for a bottle of Almond Oil
costing just £2.50 from the chemist.

It lasts for ages, is wonderfully hydrating
for dry ("mature" [ugh I hate that word]) skin
and you can add a few drops of essential oil
to the bottle if you yearn for girly scent.

And that's not all;
after you've massaged all those wrinkles
dab the leftover oil on your cuticles!

Sunday, November 20

If I was very clever. . .

I've no great desire to replicate Nature's beauty
in paints or pastels

or sculpt organic forms with pottery and woodcarving

but if I was very clever (which alas I'm not)

I'd just LOVE to find a way with beadwork
and gossamer thread

to recreate these exquisitely be-decked dewdrop webs. . .

Sunday, November 13

fungi cobwebs lichen & oak trees

fungi, cobwebs, lichen, and oak trees losing their leaves. . . 

all signs that despite the unseasonable warmth,

November is still doing what it has always done

creating a wonderful Autumnal dampness

that allows the woodland to flourish

and us to become reflective before the onset of winter

Thursday, November 3

1925 Radio Times Christmas Number!

I just thought I'd show you this fabulous,
original Christmas Edition
1925 Radio Times that I've listed on
tedandbunny ebay this week!

It's got the most wonderful advertisements,
articles and stories. . .

and of course,
being the "Official Organ of the B.B.C"
all of the wireless programme broadcasts
for the family to gather round and "listen in"!

A nostalgic trip back to a gentler age. . .
all it needs now is a vintage
hand-embroidered Crinoline Lady
Radio Times cover!

Monday, October 24

I finished it!

Back in August I wrote a post about my return to knitting after a lengthy break away, making this waistcoat from a vintage pattern . . .

I'm really proud of myself this evening because after a few hiccups and a fair amount of unpicking (the left side ended up 2" longer than the right because I'd miscounted stitches and my first attempt at buttonholes was awful) I actually finished it, and it fits perfectly!!

And my next project. . .a cute little trilby style hat and matching scarf in tweedy grey boucle.

Thankyou for all your helpful hints and encouragement- there's no stopping me now!

Wednesday, October 19

The Nimbus Patent Hat Retainer

Unashamedly plugging an item I've got listed on eBay!
at a reduced SALE PRICE!!

(I don't pimp my stock very often,
so I hope you'll forgive me!)

Ages ago we cleared the store rooms behind an old shop
that had originally been a drapers and millinery emporium
and found, wrapped in brown paper tied with string,
a pile of these old cardboad advertising placards for
The Nimbus Patent Hat Retainer.

They sold successfully and I thought they'd all gone
until tidying out my own stockroom last week,
I found 8 remaining that I'd put to one side
because the corners were slightly scuffed.

I've listed them on eBay this week with a reduced
buy-it-now selling price of just £6.95 + postage

Really quite quirky- I've never seen a hat retainer
and would love to hear from you if you have one
in your collection-
they date circa 1930s and are true Vintage Originals!

Sunday, October 16

bad hair day...Bruce's Mohican!

As far as I know, Bruce's mane has always been
 "hogged" in traditional cob style-
(I think overseas readers call it roached)
in the 7 years I've known him its not been any different
to the photo above.

A quick up-&-down with the clippers once a month
keeps the hair short, and he's never minded having it done.

A couple of months ago I wondered what he'd look like
if we grew it out, and instead of the Hunter/Show Cob bristle,
he had a mane and forelock.

As you can see, it's been quite quick to sprout
and he's got a little clump of hair between his ears
which will eventually (hopefully!) grow down to his star

Unfortunately, the rest of the mane is rather alarmingly
growing UPWARDS Mohican style. . .I'm not sure when
it'll start to fall over his neck, and whether the hair 
will be fine enough to train to one side or
look like an unruly birds nest!

Growing-out a style is always such a pain isn't it?
I'll keep you posted with it's progress!

(apologies for the poorly posed photo, 
but when a chap's got an itchy nose. . .)

Friday, October 7

no words needed. . .why I love my morning walk

I hope you enjoy whatever you do this weekend, making the most of this lovely Autumn

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