Monday, November 25

Karen Shapley. . .take a peek, you'll LOVE what you see!

I've been rather intrigued of late by the fabulous creations
that keep appearing on Karen Shapley's blog. . .
so I think it's time you took a look for yourselves!
Karen is a ceramic/ textile artist inspired by vintage bits and pieces
and historic objects, all put together with 
an element of Heath Robinson inventiveness!
Karen also has a stunning
so do look, you'll LOVE what she creates!


KC'sCourt! said...

They are lovely
Julie xxxxx

Winkel's Crazy Ideas said...

Thank you for the tip, l popped over and l am thrilled! Love her figures, such creativeness. Pam xx

Sherri B. said...

Just precious, indeed...I'm off to check out more of her talent! Thanks for sharing.
Have a lovely week, my friend. xo

BadPenny said...

lovely lovely lovely !

Sylvia said...

Gorgeous creations !
Thanks for sharing, Elaine !
Nice week,

the woolly dog said...

These are wonderful, thank you for sharing. x

nilly said...

Ooooh! Dolls as Art - I love them!

The Cloth Shed said...

Just popped over to her blog... Amazing creations x

Ivy Black said...

You're right...I do! They are wondrous. Thanks for sharing.xx

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