Tuesday, November 19

leftovers are always the best!

I love leftovers!
oven fishcakes-
mashed potato mixed with a can of tuna,
chopped spring onions and celery, grated carrot and cheese,
beaten egg, parsley and seasoning.
I top these with grated parmesan and bake
on the highest shelf of the Rayburn for 20 minutes

Chicken Soup like my mum made it. . .

celery carrot onion, peppercorns, bayleaf, pearl barley
and the weekend's roast chicken carcass brought to the boil
and simmered for a couple of hours.

I save "soup water" water from boiled parsnips, carrots and spuds
or you could use stock or Marigold powder.

Remove the chicken bones and add
fine noodles or rice noodles to serve
(we always had Kneidlach which are
boiled dumplings made from matzo meal)

Well that's lunch and tea sorted-
what's your favourite leftovers meal?


Vintage Jane said...

The fishcakes sound good! My favourite leftover meal is 'Christmas Pie' made by the Mr. Leftover turkey, cranberry, gravy, stuffing and veg stuffed into a pastry case! M x

KC'sCourt! said...

I din't normally like tuna, but I think I might like those I will definitely give those a try.
Julie xxxxxxx

Greenorchid said...

Bubble and squeak... nice and crispy! Cx

Sylvia said...

Love soup with different vegetables and meatballs :-)
Have a great week, Elaine !

Maria said...

~ Ooh looks delish, but I have vegetarians in the house.. Emmm any thing that I can throw into a big pan of soup...t But I must add there never seems left overs in our house at the moment...Four kitties queuing up for the scraps!!
hugs to you, Maria x

BadPenny said...

I used up some left over casserole last night just added a few sausages & had mash & veggies.
Making soup today from a load of veggies need using up.

the woolly dog said...

Bubble and squeak and pickled onions or hp sauce. (breeding will out!)

nilly said...

I do agree - and using leftovers makes me feel so smug too. Trouble is, I sometimes find myself buying new ingredients just so I can use up those little bits & pieces.

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