Wednesday, April 2

in this months Homes& Antiques Magazine!

I've been featured in a fabulous 4-page spread
 in this months Homes&Antiques Magazine 
all about the 
Dairy House Textile Fair, where I'll be selling on 13th April!


thriftwood said...

Is this on sale now Elaine? Not sure if my subscriptions ended ... eeek! Need to get one xxx Oh and congratulations, looks like a fab article xxx

Greenorchid said...

Yes I saw you, my copy arrived a few days ago!

I'm hoping to be down in your neck of the woods, on holiday with my parents in Horton.
6th june to 15th... do you know of any good places to visit or any vintage fairs or good bootsale etc to keep me entertained? Smiles Cass x

Country Rabbit said...

how wonderful, looks really lovely so worth a read and all the eye candy ;0)x

Mrs Black the shoppe keeping cat said...

Have not received my copy yet .... can't wait to read this. It looks great! And hope to attend, if I can escape from here. x

Sue said...

I'll be the one stood in Sainsbury's reading the full article ... that's if I can make myself NOT buy it.

I mustn't
I mustn't
I mustn't

Oh well I might .......

And what a lovely picture of you :-)

Vintage Tea Time said...

I have a subscription, so this popped through the letter box the other day. How glam you look! Thanks for your comment re Vit B - it's B12 and B6 that vegetarians need I think - I do take supplements (when I remember). I'll give cinnamon a go! Abby x

Jee said...

How exciting. I must track down a copy!

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Oooooh well done Sweetheart, I shall be reading that one! :) x

The Cloth Shed said...

Off to get a copy tomorrow...looks like a great editorial. Dairy house is on my list of "to visit one day"
Julie x

nilly said...

At last! I've been looking out for this & it was my treat after all my hard work at the Newark fair.
Aaaah - the memories of those 1970's jumble sales..!

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