Friday, April 4

snakeshead fritilliary. . .wild in the garden. . .

Snakeshead Fritilliary, growing wild in the garden
zealously guarded by the stone gnome
 (who takes his duties VERY seriously!)

and snuggly nestling under a shrub,
 the other little clump have begun to open.

I never planted them, 
they just appeared and have flowered every spring
for the past 20-odd years. . .


KC'sCourt! said...

I love them, they are so different. Did you know they used to be planted by the cottage doors to prevent rats and mice.....?
Julie xxxxxxxxxx

Vintage Tea Time said...

Yes, I love them too - they're magical. Stone Gnome doesn't exactly look as if he's taking duties seriously - in fact he looks away with the fairies ;). X

Sylvia said...

Pretty flowers, Elaine !
Oh, I almost missed your previous post ... so nice you've been featured in Homes & Antiques Magazine !
Lovely picture of lovely you !
Have a nice Sunday,

BadPenny said...

well I planted some & they've vanished....I gather pheasants eat them !

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Such beautiful little checked flowers, Elaine...Obviously very happy growing where they've chosen to be.

Spring is very advanced this year and looking fabulous.

See you soon at the Spring Bazaar! :)
Niki x

WinnibriggsHouse said...

Hi Elaine, glad you popped by and so sorry to hear of the tendonitis. Very painful and so frustrating when you are wanting to get things done. Hope it improves soon. Love this post. I adore the snakeshead fritilliary. They just don't seem real. We found quite a lot growing wild in Wales last year. And finally how did I miss your last post. I must try to get the magazine and show my DH this 'lovely lady' I talk to.Looks a great article. Good luck to you all I hope everything goes well. I am sure it will. Jenny xx

Jane the Booklady said...

Hello Elaine, it was so lovely to meet you last week. I've been wearing those blue beads with such pleasure- you were right!Jane xx

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